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The green life brought by the zinc steel fence

Jul 31, 2019

The green life brought by the zinc steel fence

Many houses have two or two or even three balconies. In the home decoration design, double balconies, for primary and secondary schools, prevent the adoption of all methods of "contempt". And the living room, the balcony that advocates lying on the balcony is adjacent, the main function is leisure. In the application of the modified zinc steel guardrail material, the living room is not much different. It is a laminate flooring, floor tiles, etc. that measure common materials. If the seal is done well, the carpet can be spread. Wall and top general application of interior wall latex paint, category and design to the living room, advocate lying on the tally. Adjacent to the ordinary kitchen balcony, or to the living room, it is equivalent to lie in the room. The time to the balcony is mainly the storage of content, clothes, etc. Therefore, the balcony can be decorated without packaging, the ground should not be afraid of water, to avoid the wet floor tiles, the top of the wall and the wall paint. In order to facilitate the storage of content, time, put the contents of the ark on the balcony to store debris.

In contemporary bedrooms, people tend to stay away from nature, so we need to add more green space. If you want to raise grass, you can design the corner of the balcony as a flower gallery, and the small brick wall is an excellent background. Although the area is limited, it can provide a good place for leisure and fitness.

The balcony is decorated with bricks and timely zinc-steel railings on the balcony, which can continue the traditional "new crane beam" craftsmanship in China, making two red turmeric "fake beams". A carefully designed zinc-steel guardrail balcony with a simple Spanish floor tile color. This combination of internal and external depths allows the atmosphere of all balconies to be different. Weitai zinc steel guardrail, zinc steel fence brings warm and romantic theme to family decoration

The balcony is sealed with glass and wood into a small family study, and the green leaves outside the window seem to stretch the hand of the person as it will go into the bedroom, the nature and the bedroom, thus the zinc-steel rails of the balcony blended in this small space. In order to save space, it can be a desk, bookshelf and filing cabinets are designed to be very delicate and unique, not only to provide perfect and effective, but also to take the space.

If the balcony is large, it is located in the attic and should belong to the "balcony". But on the balcony and the translucent curved ceiling, the balcony can be used in the room. After the wall made with the sunlight of the Korean culture stone, the laying of the ground and the green sign, it also illuminates the cobblestone path of the word "人"... These garden views can be applied to the balcony and can be given a thick one. Casual features.