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The guardrail is also equipped with a cleaning car!

Jun 28, 2018

Xiangzhou District road cleaning has also added new "weapons." Recently, the first guardrail cleaning vehicle in Xiangzhou District was used on the Lingnan Road, attracting curiosity from the people of the past. It is reported that this newly-purchased guardrail cleaning vehicle not only greatly improves cleaning efficiency, but also avoids hidden dangers caused by manual operations.

The guardrail is also equipped with a cleaning car! 100 meters guardrail minute wash

Recently, the reporter saw in Gongbei Lingnan Road. The fence cleaning truck slowly drove past. Under the big “arm” on the car, the two cleaning shafts quickly rotated in the middle of the traffic fence in the middle of the road, and the fence was scrubbed for a while. It's clean and clean. It only takes a few minutes to clean the guard rails that are hundreds of meters away, and the baffle next to it can stop the water from splashing and it won't affect other moving vehicles.

“The guardrail cleaning vehicle can hold 1 ton of water, and detergent is added inside. The operation is performed at a speed of 5 kilometers. The cleaning arm can rotate 360 degrees. It can also adjust the cleaning height up and down. In front of the two spray nozzles, you can Clean the sand on the pier. The entire cleaning process is done automatically and the cleaning effect is obvious.” Guo Xiaodong, director of the Gongbei Sanitation Office, told reporters on the scene that the fence cleaning truck is a mechanized vehicle type with high efficiency, good effect, and high safety factor. There are more municipal road barriers in Guanbei sanitation sanctuary than in other jurisdictions. The guardrail cleaning vehicle can thoroughly clean Gongbei and Jida's guardrails within a short period of time. The guardrails like Jingshan Road and Lover Road in Jilin District can be protected in one morning. Finish cleaning.

Huang Qin, director of the Public Utilities Management Division of the Xiangzhou District Urban Management Bureau, explained that with the continuous development of the city, and in order to better maintain the traffic order, a number of traffic barriers have been added to urban roads in the city. In the past, the road guards were cleaned by the sanitation workers in the sanitation department, which was time-consuming, laborious and dangerous. With the introduction of the guardrail cleaning vehicle, while the image of the city is being upgraded, the mechanized guardrail cleaning has also ensured the personal safety of the sanitation workers.

It is reported that in order to create an “internationally livable” city and optimize the living environment for people living, Xiangzhou District has continuously increased its investment in sanitation facilities in recent years, especially in 2015, in conjunction with the elimination of yellow marking vehicles in the province, the sanitation system in the area. The number of newly-purchased environmental sanitation vehicles reached 150, and there are more than 10 types of vehicles, such as the first-introduced guardrail cleaning vehicle, and the introduction of barreled transport vehicles, high-pressure cleaning vehicles, and sweeping vehicles. These newly introduced models have effectively promoted Xiangzhou. Urban sanitation mechanized operation level.

In addition, last year, Xiangzhou District implemented the “Garbage does not fall and the city is more beautiful” action. It built environmental sanitation houses and garbage transit stations and other environmental sanitation facilities around the community. This year alone, 50 garbage transfer stations and 500 environmental protection stations were constructed. In the garbage house, the confined and harmless transfer system for garbage in the main urban area of Xiangzhou District was basically completed.