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The guardrail is the fence.

Jul 13, 2018

Guardrail---refers here refers to the industrial "guard fence". The guardrail is mainly used for the protection and protection of personal safety and equipment in residential, highway, commercial, public places and other occasions. Guardrails are everywhere in our lives. Guardrails vary in price per meter depending on the height.


The guardrail is made of steel, such as stainless steel, round steel pipe, square steel pipe or profiled steel plate, and iron wire. Surface treatment process: fully automatic electrostatic powder coating (ie spray) or spray paint. In recent years, it has also become more popular for the insertion and assembly of aluminum alloy materials.

The pillars of the guardrail are fixed to the ground by expansion bolts. Usually installed on both sides of the logistics channel, around the production equipment, building corners, sides of the door and the edge of the cargo platform.

Effectively reduce damage to equipment and facilities caused by accidental impact when handling equipment.

The guardrail materials are: aluminum alloy, Ma Steel (nodular cast iron), carbon steel (spray or galvanized), stainless steel, plastic steel, zinc steel, PVC and other metal guardrails.

In addition, the logistics handling equipment itself also plays a protective role. (such as the protective fence on the edge of the loading and unloading platform to prevent the accidental fall of the forklift)