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The importance of patent rights to the development of the guardrail industry

Jan 28, 2019

The importance of patent rights to the development of the guardrail industry

The patent right of guardrail is the most important intellectual property right for the sustainable development of the guardrail industry. The patent right is protected by the national patent law. Without the consent of the patentee, no unit or individual can use it. Therefore, the guardrail industry locks in the market competition. If a new product developed has its own patent, it can avoid being copied by its peers and cause damage to its interests. Specifically, patent rights have the following benefits for guardrail products:

A / protection products

Patented products can first eliminate the imitation and copying of competitors and increase the market share of patented products in the relevant product market.


On the one hand, enterprises must protect their products from infringement, and on the other hand, they must prevent their products from infringing on the rights of others. Patent rights, like shields, can effectively prevent spears from other companies.

C/Increase corporate intangible assets

Corporate assets include not only tangible assets that are visible and tangible, but also intangible assets that are invisible and intangible. The value of intangible assets is often much greater than the value of tangible assets, such as a high-tech patent, a reputable trademark, and its market value is immeasurable.

D/Intellectual property is proof of the ability of enterprises to innovate

An easy way to understand a company's ability to innovate is to understand the company's intellectual property ownership. The possession of intellectual property can strongly prove the innovation ability of the enterprise, so as to gain customer trust and establish a corporate brand.

   The guardrails including the guardrails used in the guardrails all need patent protection. Enterprises with their own patents can better develop and develop in the market competition.