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The road guardrail is rusted, can a single piece of railing be disassembled?

Jun 11, 2019

Road guardrails, as the name implies, railings used on the roads need to be placed outdoors, because the material itself needs to be placed outdoors for a long time, so it must also withstand the harsh weather conditions, regardless of the day. Whether it is rain or rain, this material must have anti-oxidation, anti-corrosion and anti-ultraviolet radiation characteristics, so that it can maintain a long service life, but when people change the guardrail again, It was found that the cast iron guardrail used in the past was difficult to disassemble due to rust.

In order to increase the strength and impact resistance of road guardrails, most of the guardrails used in cities today are made of metal materials. Metals are prone to rust and oxidation after contact with water, especially when it encounters heavy rain. In the weather, the paint on the surface of the guardrail will be peeled off and cracked due to the erosion of rainwater and the erosion of wind and rain. This will cause the guardrail to lose its protective layer, and the service life of the guardrail will also be exposed to the wind. The erosion is shortened.

Many people don't know if the road guardrail is in use. If there is rust, can it not be removed smoothly? Because sometimes people need to disassemble and reassemble the guardrail to adapt to changes in the road. In fact, most of the guardrails sold on the market today are made of zinc steel, so in the process of use, there is no rust like iron, so many staff members remove the guardrail. It will be found that even if such a fence is used for many years, it will not be disassembled due to rust.