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The safety guardrail

Sep 26, 2018

The safety guardrail mainly refers to the main guardrail of the municipal guardrail. The main function of the road guardrail:

1. It is possible to prevent vehicles from accidentally driving out of the road and prevent uncontrolled vehicles from crossing the central separation belt;

2. It is the vehicle collision protection that can have a certain effect to drive the vehicle back to the normal direction, reducing the possibility of accidents again;

3. If the vehicle collides with an accident, the guardrail can effectively reduce the damage of the collision force to the occupants and the driver;

4, can know the driver's route, let the driver clearly see the direction of the road and the contour of the road.

Its anti-glare facility is designed to protect the nighttime car from the headlights of the opposite vehicle. The anti-glare facilities are slatted, fan-shaped, anti-glare, anti-glare and so on.

The barrier is to prevent animals and pedestrians from crossing the road at will, and more effectively prevent the occupation of road facilities.