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The status of traditional fences

Aug 03, 2018

The status  of traditional fences

In general, the city is getting more and more beautiful and more and more lovely; however, the fly in the ointment is that the traditional fences such as cast iron fences, welded fences and iron flowers that match the well-built buildings, activity areas and landscapes. Fences and other plastic fences are very dissonant and even glaring; these fences are the product of traditional craft workshops, which are extremely non-standard in terms of material selection, structure, height, width, spacing, surface appearance, and impact resistance. They are arbitrarily large and varied; these fences are rough and ugly, rusty, broken and lacking legs, dusty and dirty, and unsightly; the general impression is that the large-scale scenery is unsightly, detrimental to the image, lacking Safety. It is incompatible with modern urban civilizations such as environmental protection requirements, safety requirements, beautifying the environment, and modern human settlements.