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Two Comprehensive Advantages of Plastic Steel

Jan 18, 2017

PVC steel fence is made of PVC, but also by adding a certain amount of stabilizer, impact modifier, coloring agents, fillers, anti-ultraviolet and other additives, the high-temperature extrusion molding, and then cutting, welding Made of door frames, doors, window frames, sash, matched with rubber seals, tops, hardware and other accessories made of doors and windows. To increase the strength and rigidity of doors and windows, more than a certain length of the profile cavity to be added lining steel. Guardrail smooth surface, delicate touch, bright colors, high strength, good tolerance, safety, environmental protection, harmless to humans and animals, the selection of a domestic raw materials.

The steel pillar of the steel fence is lined with high strength, no rust, longer life, suitable for a wide range of unique structural design, variety and diversity, and beautiful, suitable for residential, courtyard, villa, Simple and beautiful, full of rich modern flavor; let the area of color, so that courtyard Shenghui, so that the villa has a high grade of the times. Easy to install, easy maintenance, easy to clean, economical and practical, exempt from maintenance.