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US fence market

Jul 19, 2018

The association focused on training its many members, setting up a training school for fences, issuing authoritative fence installer certificates, and providing corporate management, sales, personnel management training, and more.

  In addition, this organization also hosts or co-sponsors some national or regional trade fairs every year. Many fence manufacturers take the opportunity to showcase their products. There are as many as 221 companies participating in each trade fair. So far, a total of 5,883 member companies have participated in such trade fairs.

The establishment of these two associations has added a lot of meaning to the US fence industry. But the entire market chain is still missing a link. Many installation companies do not have the ability to purchase fence products directly from the manufacturer, so they can only be purchased from the nearest larger installation company. This means that they compete with their suppliers and the purchase price of the products is very high.

   In the late 1960s, another company began to emerge in the US fence market. These companies mainly buy fence products from manufacturers and then sell them to fence installation companies. They don't install fences themselves, they just buy the products and sell them. These companies have grown rapidly because they provide small installation companies with affordable, comprehensive products. These are fence sales companies or wholesale companies. They sometimes make some products themselves.