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Villa railing product

Jul 11, 2019

Villa railing product advantages:

1, corrosion resistance, antistatic, no fading;

2. High strength, strong toughness, no cracking, no embrittlement;

3. It adopts assembled integral frame structure, which is convenient and quick to install and is conducive to construction;

4. Coordinate with the natural environment, and choose colors according to different usage needs;

5, bright colors, smooth surface, beautiful structure and good coordination with the environment.

Villa fence color selection:

The general color of the villa guardrail: black matte, milky white, grass green, sky blue, deep pink, light pink, black light and so on.

Villa railing special colors: champagne, bronze, imitation copper (powder can be adjusted according to special colors)

Villa guardrail product features: variety, rich colors, can be integrated with the surrounding environment of various villas. Different styles can be selected according to the regional environment to show individuality. The lines of the products are smooth, exquisite in style, fashionable and stylish, simple and elegant, and stable and succinct. Some reveal the rich artistic atmosphere of ancient Rome, and some exude the charm of South American Mayan classics. The external decoration blends with the inner charm.

Villa guardrail product use: used in the villa community, *** residential area fence design, more choices with decorative ring of zinc steel guardrail.