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What are the advantages of hot-dip galvanized spray barriers compared to ordinary guardrails?

Apr 29, 2019

Hot-dip galvanized plastic fences can be seen in some public places. It has the advantages of economy, environmental protection, durability, safety and reliability, and strong impact resistance. The unique protection performance makes it occupy a certain dominant position in the market.

Because of special needs, the galvanized guardrail should be galvanized on the outside, and the surface grease and dirt should be disposed of during the coating to achieve the effect. Widely used in the perimeter protection of large factories and local security protection of various community or engineering buildings and factory walls.

Nowadays, no matter whether the city or the rural residents' homes, they have installed household protective guardrails. Considering the actual application, the first thing that comes to mind is the hot-dip galvanized guardrail. It is not only installed firmly and strong, but also has strong impact resistance. It is also a practical protective material.

Ordinary guardrails do not have as many advantages as hot-dip galvanized spray rails.

Material is a difference, the common common guardrail is almost all black material, which is what we say black steel ferrous metal, and then go one step further, it is non-galvanized material, this material is not rust resistant, especially easy to rust, if not Even if there is a little water on the paint, it will soon rust soon after the sun is dry, because the material itself is not rust resistant! This material is only a layer of paint even if it is painted, but this is not the case with hot-dip galvanized spray rails. Even if you put the material in the water, it will be the same as you would not see rust. Because of the hot-dip galvanized material it is not afraid of water and will not rust.

Advantages of hot-dip galvanized spray barriers In practice, we have seen its durability and practicality in use. Hot-dip galvanized spray rails make up for the shortcomings of ordinary guardrails.