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What are the advantages of steel fence

Jan 18, 2017

1. Plastic steel fence to the characteristics of hot-dip galvanized steel, the surface and then through special treatment, so in the air pollution of the city or sea salt corrosion of coastal areas, can ease the use of maintenance for you to worry about.

2. Aesthetics, streamlined appearance, soft tones, can coordinate the surrounding landscape, can integrate modern urban design and the natural environment, allowing you to leisurely one.

3. Practicality, the surface through a special process to form a permanent protective film, smooth and smooth, never rust, clean and convenient, no maintenance.

4. PVC materials as a major component of a composite material, there is sufficient strength and durability, and PVC is a non-toxic, harmless, energy saving and recyclable green materials, PVC rails will not yellow, Because in the production of production has been added a lot of imported light, heat stabilizers, UV absorbers.

5. Will not be broken, as has been the standard enterprise hard heavy impact test, strong wind resistance, column and horizontal bar installation, the barrier bar is the most resistant to wind load, heat does not expand.