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What is electrostatic spraying, what are the advantages and disadvantages?

Jul 08, 2019

Electrostatic spraying means that the atomized paint particles are negatively charged in the DC high-voltage electric field, and then, under the action of the electrostatic field, are directed to fly toward the positively charged surface to be deposited into a uniform and firm coating film. method.

Advantages of electrostatic spraying:

1. There will be no or very little paint mist flying into the air, so it can improve the working environment of workers.

2, can make the painting process automation, high production efficiency.

3. Compared with other spraying methods, it can save a lot of paint.

4, the quality of the paint film, including the coating's finish and adhesion, have been greatly improved.


1. The equipment is more complicated.

2. The selectivity to solvents is strong, and temperature and humidity also have an effect on the quality of the coating.

3. Since the DC voltage is as high as 100kV, it is necessary to pay attention to safe operation.

4. The shape of the surface to be coated is different (such as the corrugation of the steel drum and the head ring), which will cause the change of the electric field strength, thus affecting the uniformity of the paint film.