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What is the difference between galvanized railings and ordinary railings?

Apr 30, 2019

The guardrail is no stranger to our lives. Balcony guardrails, fence fences, air-conditioning railings, road guardrails, etc. always protect our lives. With the progress of the times, the economic development, the material of the guardrails is constantly changing. More and more in line with the requirements of environmentally friendly society. The balcony railings that are commonly sold on the market and accepted by most people are made of zinc steel.

This kind of zinc steel guardrail is also the hot-dip galvanized spray guardrail. The material of this kind of guardrail is that the raw materials have been hot-dip galvanized. What kind of benefits does this hot-dip galvanizing treatment have on the finished product? Galvanizing is the galvanizing of raw materials. After galvanizing, the material is not easy to rust. The main function of galvanizing is waterproof and rustproof. The ordinary railing is another material, which is the kind of rust we see. Streaky iron railings.

Some buyers may have doubts. In the usual purchase process, how can we see the difference in materials and choose the right material? In fact, the difference between the names is the simplest and most direct method, and the big manufacturers will not falsify this. The traditional balcony railings will rust because the material is a kind of black metal. With this kind of substrate as the main railing, the rainwater will be rusty, especially the surface coating is paint, rusting effect. More obvious.

This is not the case with hot-dip galvanized steel guardrails. It is itself a high-quality profile, plus the super-treatment process of electrostatic spraying. This process is firmly attached to the raw materials of the guardrail after high-temperature baking, and it is still The international imported powder is not only a variety of colors, but also has a brighter color and stronger adhesion.

Another reason is that the length of the zinc steel guardrail can be cut and assembled at will. The installation style of the guardrail is assembled, and the ordinary railing is welded, which not only pollutes the environment but also rusts, which is also hot. One of the reasons for the popularity of galvanized guardrails. If you have any questions about the guardrail products, or if you still want to know, you can consult our customer service online.

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