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Why are more and more communities recognizing zinc steel guardrails?

Aug 14, 2019

The zinc steel guardrail is made of galvanized pipe material, which is seamlessly connected and perforated and assembled. Compared with the traditional iron guardrail, the installation is more convenient and the price is not expensive. The surface has high strength, high hardness and simple appearance. The atmosphere, bright colors and other advantages. Zinc steel guardrail can be divided into four types: horizontal tube, four horizontal tubes with two rows of decorative flowers, three horizontal tubes, three horizontal tubes with one row of decorative flowers, two horizontal tubes, etc. Guardrail manufacturers, according to customer requirements can be divided into: tip, two-way bending, one-way bending, or do not do any processing, top buckle rain cap use.

The installation of zinc steel guardrails can be fixed by steel columns or by bricks. The steel columns can be welded with flanges, fixed by expansion bolts, or directly embedded and fixed. The net distance between brick columns is generally 3 meters. 6 meters, 6 meters in the middle also need to add a steel column to strengthen the fixed.

The zinc steel guardrail has great advantages in the construction of the external wall of the community. It is simpler and more convenient than the construction of the cement wall. Now it has become a favorite of many construction contractors.

Zinc steel guardrails On the rust prevention problem, the fence substrate is made of hot-dip galvanized square tube, which prevents the substrate from rusting from the source, then is washed, phosphatized, and finally electrostatically sprayed. Electrostatic spraying is to spray plastic powder on the surface of the guardrail. Compared with the paint, the color is more beautiful, the adhesion is stronger, and it does not need to be maintained every year. It is equivalent to packaging a layer of plastic on the surface of the fence, which makes the hand feel smoother and more delicate. Therefore, the zinc steel railing is also called the electrostatic spraying guardrail. At the same time, the pickling before spraying, the phosphating greatly improves the adhesion of the powder, and the life of the zinc steel railing is up to 30 years, which is why the zinc steel railing is used. The main reason for such a long life.

The environmental protection and energy conservation of zinc steel guardrails is the theme of social concern. In addition, the current building materials are coming to the forefront. Therefore, environmentally friendly and energy-saving products will be favored by the market. In the zinc steel guardrail industry, it is embodied in two aspects: one is the use of environmentally friendly materials, and the zinc steel guardrail has a long service life, which reduces the waste of non-renewable resources in society. One is that the installation process is energy-saving and pollution-free; zinc-steel products are assembled and installed to reduce air and noise pollution caused by arc welding. It is in line with the energy-saving and environmentally friendly product technology that the country is pushing hard.

The above remarks have made more and more communities recognize and use zinc steel guardrails as fences.