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XCEL diy design fence

Jun 28, 2018

1, xcel welding-free assembly design, make xcel fence quick and easy installation.

2, xcel fence with four anti-corrosion treatment, more than 20 years of service life, to solve the traditional products in a short period of time rust, chalking, cracking and other issues, eliminating the cost of product maintenance updates.

3, xcel fence with good decoration, rich colors, to meet the individual needs of different customers of the product.

4, xcel fence is environmental protection, does not pollute the environment, solve the problem of ordinary products polluting buildings.

5, good flexibility, the rigidity and flexibility of the substrate make the xcel barrier products have good impact resistance.

6. The surface of the xcel porcelain treated by electrostatic spraying is made to have a good self-cleaning performance. The rain erosion and water spray can be clean and smooth.

7, under the buried installation and footboard installation, which saves your building infrastructure costs, but also saves land resources.

8, good weather resistance, salt spray resistance and heat and humidity resistance, suitable for use in different regions.