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Zinc steel assembly balcony guardrail product quality and performance description

May 21, 2019

1) Zinc-steel assembled balcony railings are welded-free assembly design, which is quick and easy to install.

2) The four-layer anti-corrosion treatment of zinc steel assembled balcony railing solves the problems of rust, powdering and cracking of traditional products in a short time, and eliminates the cost of product maintenance and renewal.

3) Zinc steel assembled balcony guardrails are well decorated and rich in color to meet the individual needs of different customers.

4) Zinc steel assembly balcony guardrail is environmentally friendly, does not pollute the environment, and so on, and solves the problem of common product pollution of buildings.

5) Zinc steel assembled balcony railings have good flexibility, and the rigidity and flexibility of the substrate make the guardrail products have better impact resistance.

6) The surface of the zinc steel assembled balcony guardrail is treated by electrostatic spraying, which makes the guardrail products have good self-cleaning performance, and the rainwater washing and washing can be as clean as new.

7) Zinc-steel assembled balcony guardrail adopts zinc-aluminum alloy fittings and stainless steel safety bolts to prevent theft and solve the user's worries.

8) The buried installation method and the floor plate installation of the zinc steel balcony guardrail saves your building base cost and saves land resources.

9) Zinc steel assembled balcony railings have good weather resistance, salt spray resistance and damp heat resistance, suitable for use in different regions.

10) Zinc steel balcony guardrails are made of high-quality brand products from base materials, accessories to paintings, which fundamentally guarantee product quality.

11) Zinc steel assembly balcony guardrail products Main use: can be assembled into blinds, security windows, balcony guardrails, fences, barriers, stair railings, bay window guardrails, public facilities, etc.

12) Specific analysis of the performance of zinc steel assembled balcony guardrail: This product consists of hot-dip galvanized steel, zinc-steel alloy, zinc-rich phosphating layer, and electrostatic spray. The thickness is twice as thick as that of stainless steel at the same price.