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Zinc steel Fence

Jun 24, 2019

Zinc steel Fence refers to the protective railing made of zinc alloy material for different parts and with different functions. Because it is treated with electrostatic spraying in the later stage, it has high strength, high hardness and beautiful appearance. It has the advantages of bright color and other advantages, and has become a mainstream product used in residential quarters, factories and colleges, and road traffic. The traditional guardrail uses iron strip material, which requires the use of welding technology, etc., and the texture is soft, easy to rust, and single color. The zinc steel balcony guardrail perfectly solves the shortcomings of the traditional guardrail, and the price is moderate, which has become a substitute for the traditional fence material. The zinc steel guardrail is assembled by welding without welding. (There is also a process that requires partial welding, but it needs to be zinc-treated before spraying.) The thickness of the substrate is 2-3 times that of stainless steel. More than 500 colors are available for selection. The anti-oxidation powder of polyester anti-static powder enhances the anti-oxidation, anti-UV, weathering and corrosion resistance of the guardrail. With zinc steel as the base material, the products used in the building guardrail are mainly: balcony guardrails, protective windows, stair railings, fences, garden fences, blinds, air-conditioning fences, road guardrails. Industrial fences (such as factory fences, commercial site fences), agricultural fences (such as field fences, animal husbandry fences), civil fences (such as building roof fences, fence walls, etc.), public facilities fences (such as road barriers), etc. . It is widely used.