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zinc steel fences

Sep 06, 2018

1. There are many types of zinc steel fences: zinc steel fences, zinc steel fences, craft fences, wrought iron fences, European fences, wrought iron fences, etc.

2, zinc steel fence according to different processes: divided into assembled zinc steel fence mesh and welded fence network

3. Zinc steel fence net is divided into different specifications according to different specifications: double cross bar zinc steel fence net, three cross bar zinc steel fence net, four cross bar zinc steel fence net, one-way elbow fence net, two-way elbow fence net, belt Decorative zinc steel fence mesh, etc.

4. The zinc steel fence net is made up of a cross bar and a vertical bar. The standpipe is an upright type top rolled into a triangle shape. The overall effect after installation is more beautiful. Mainly used in villas, gardens, municipal enclosures, municipal engineering isolation zones, plant isolation zones, garden landscapes, residential quarters, courtyard green pools, villas, exhibitions, city avenues. Bright and beautiful visual effects, in harmony with the natural environment. The color can be customized, and the surface treatment of the wrought iron fence is high temperature electrostatic spraying.

5, zinc steel fence mesh is very suitable for large-scale standardized production, with quick installation, less labor, beautiful structure and good environmental coordination.

6, the height of the fence is generally not more than two meters, most of which are used outside the factory and community villas. Common heights, 1.2 meters, 1.5 meters, 1.8 meters, 2.0 meters.

7. The specifications of the crossbar and vertical bar of the zinc steel fence net and the color of the fence can be customized according to customer requirements to meet the needs of different customers.

Iron art originated from the ancient European craftsmanship, conveying the elegant style of European style.