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Zinc steel guardrail (B type three horizontal rail)

Sep 14, 2018

Zinc steel guardrail (B type three horizontal rail)

      Z-steel guardrail type B (three-bar) adopts assembled integral frame structure. The mesh and column are connected by semi-circular head and neck bolts, and equipped with anti-theft washers, which can effectively prevent the isolation grille from being dismantled and removed at will, and the installation is convenient and quick. It is conducive to construction. Z-steel guardrail type B (three-bar) is mainly used for municipal engineering isolation belts, factory isolation belts, garden landscapes, residential quarters, courtyard green pools, villas, exhibitions, and urban avenues.

      The B-type zinc steel guardrail is a metal fence that is used in the new assembly guardrail. The B-type assembly guardrail is composed of three beams. The new type of fence is widely used. In the early stage of the fence, due to its high procurement cost, it is commonly used in the surrounding of school playgrounds, factories or villas as fence walls, and government agencies to make fences. The new type of assembly guardrail is widely used, and there has been a market long ago. With the continuous development of the economy, people are increasingly demanding protective nets, and new fences appear in private houses, industrial parks, and private enterprises. . This type of fence is widely used and has a direct relationship with many of its own advantages, so it is measured overall. It is a metal fence mesh with a price/performance ratio.

      1. Anti-theft: The top of the gun has the effect of deterrence and climbing.

      2. Anti-corrosion: Hot-dip galvanized pipe is punched with holes of various specifications as a link to the column and standpipe. The surface is then subjected to phosphating and electrostatic spraying. Hot-dip galvanized pipe + phosphating + electrostatic spraying. Multi-layer protection, with a service life of more than 15 years.

      3. Environmental protection: The square tube assembly guardrail can be reused. The surface fade can be repainted and restored.

      4. Beautiful: no maintenance, rain can be as bright as new.

      5. Anti-theft: Assembled connection, the cross-tube of the typework card slides off or is destroyed from the beam. The columns and beams are connected by u-shaped cards and stainless steel anti-theft bolts. The whole constitutes an anti-theft system. It can not only play the role of anti-theft, but also has its own anti-theft system to carry out isolation and anti-theft.

      The materials and common specifications of the B-type wrought iron guardrail are the same as those of the A-type wrought iron guardrail. The difference between the two is the number of beams.

      Zinc steel assembly fence advantages:

      Bright colors, smooth surface, beautiful structure and good coordination with the environment

      Corrosion resistant, antistatic, non-fading

      High strength, toughness, no cracking, no embrittlement

      The assembled integral frame structure is convenient and quick to install, which is conducive to construction.

      Coordinate with the natural environment, you can choose the color according to different needs