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Zinc steel products

Jun 28, 2019

Product Features

1. Zinc steel substrate is made of hot-dip galvanized steel strip to make galvanized steel of various specifications. It uses high-end high-frequency welding technology to make the welding smooth and firm.

2. The surface of the zinc-galvanized pipe has a zinc content of 60-80mm/m2, and it can rust for 3-5 years at normal temperature.

3. Zinc steel products are deep processing of galvanized pipes. Guangzhongda process: machining → chemical treatment (de-oil → ash → phosphating → passivation) → electrostatic spraying (Akzo Nobel powder coating) → curing (220 ° high temperature imitation enamel curing) after multiple processes Can reach rust for 20 years

4, zinc steel products * The big feature is no welding, zinc steel research and development of the fittings and pipes are perfectly combined, to achieve beautiful, firm and applicable, in line with the American Fence Association standards.

5. The surface of the product is sprayed with AkzoNobel powder. It is a long-term strategic partner designated by Aksu (the world's top 500 enterprises). It has 20 years of quality assurance. All series of products are underwritten by Ping An Insurance Company of China.

6, its products are beautiful in appearance, color can be freely matched, color wins rainbow, no welding interpenetration combination, has super protective function, self-cleaning and environmental protection, and achieves the low-carbon green living products in the true sense advocated by the state.