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Iron fence development prospects

Jul 05, 2017

Iron fence generally use low-carbon steel wire, aluminum-magnesium alloy wire and other materials from the spray, with the rapid development of highways, highway fence has become an important transport infrastructure, economic development and social security maintenance made Important contribution. Today's fence is very tired in a lot of use, more use, we may wish to know about the benefits of the fence.

In recent years, with the rapid development of domestic highway construction, fence network market continues to expand, but because the product in China's production and use of less than ten years, product standards promulgated only five or six years, the national standard promulgated just two years, Manufacturers of the product performance, technical parameters, production processes to master the different, resulting in the quality of this product varies greatly. Some sections due to the use of anti-corrosion process to deal with improper fence products, as little as a year or two, the fence is rusty, not only affects the visual effects of the highway, but also greatly shortened the effective use of iron fence, but also increased The maintenance cost. In response to this disadvantage, we should be positive innovation, to create a beautiful and durable fence.

On the iron fence, China is usually used early painting protection, and later gradually use the form of hot dip zinc, is still widely used in a large number of hot dip zinc protection. Fence is a large-scale long-term facilities for outdoor use, the choice of the protection system for different atmospheric environment to choose a different protection system. The new national standard GB / T18226-2000 "highway traffic engineering steel components anti-corrosion technical conditions", the protection of fence products are divided into four categories: galvanized, aluminum, galvanized (aluminum) after painting, The In areas where the countryside and pollution are not severe, separate hot-dip zinc protection or separate protective fence can be used. In heavy industrial or coastal urban areas, especially in acid rain areas, Coated barrier panels are not available for years of use, resulting in a significant increase in maintenance costs for the fence. For hot-dip aluminum fence, its corrosion resistance than ordinary hot-dip zinc fence, but its technology, technology, cost and environmental impact and other reasons, the scope of application is not very wide. The use of hot-dip aluminum + spray protection system, relative to the hot dip zinc + spray protection system is an uneconomical method. The use of galvanized sheet + spray double protection system, in heavily polluted areas, especially acid rain areas to achieve better anti-corrosion effect, the use of life greatly extended, the most durable protection methods. Different materials of the highway fence, have different uses and advantages, for the application of the fence we need to choose the advantages of combining materials.

Iron fence products with beautiful and durable, no deformation, fast installation, is a more ideal metal fence products, both can be made into a permanent wall, but also can be used as a temporary isolation network, just use a different column fixed way achieve. With anti-corrosion, anti-aging, sun, weather and so on. For the anti-corrosion form can be used electroplating, hot-dip, spray, dip the way. Maintenance of social order and economic development, iron fence contributed to how to make the highway fence to play a lasting role, which is today's urgent need to solve the problem, do the upgrading of highway fence, and product innovation, is the future To solve the major problem.