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An Assembled Guardrail

Jul 08, 2019

The utility model relates to an assembled guardrail, belonging to the technical field of fences, which is used for solving the prefabricated production of the guardrail and facilitating rapid construction on site. The technical scheme is: it consists of multiple sets of metal fences, columns and piles. The fences and columns are arranged at intervals. The piles are installed at the lower end of each column. The fence consists of a plurality of cross bars and poles. The rigid fixed connection is provided on the two sides of the fence with a detachable connecting member connected with the column, the lower end of the pile is a sharp pile head, and the upper end is connected with the column. With the guardrail of this structure, the fence, the column and the pile can be made into standard parts, and assembled at the construction site, which can not only realize industrial production, but also has the advantages of convenient transportation and quick construction. At the same time, due to the detachable assembly structure, it is also possible to disassemble and reinstall when necessary, which is impossible with conventional fences. Assembling the guardrail process: In order to ensure the distinctive weather resistance of the Acer Zinc Steel Assembly Guardrail, the company's technical center has developed dozens of special surface treatment processes, which are permanently produced on the surface of the zinc alloy steel substrate through a number of special coating processes. The coating makes Tianrui Zinc Steel assembled guardrail with excellent corrosion resistance, moisture resistance, weather resistance and long-term surface self-cleaning ability. No matter what kind of harsh environment, the assembly guardrail will not produce rust, fading, cracking, chalking, aging, falling off, etc. The color is lasting and bright, 30 years of maintenance-free, the assembly fence completely eliminates the daily routine The troubles caused by maintenance. All the assembled guardrail products are assembled using connecting parts. They are fixed with special tools stainless steel screws, easy to disassemble and easy to install, no solder joints, environmental protection and quality assurance for 30 years.