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Assembled Guardrail

Jul 22, 2019

Assembled guardrail

With zinc-steel profiles as the main material, the auxiliary materials made by cutting, punching, etc., the assembled fences of various types connected by assembled railings are detachable, assembleable, easy to maintain, and have many advantages over long service life. .

  About Assembled Fences Encyclopedia: Assembled guardrails are designed to overcome the shortcomings of existing product disassembly difficulties, and provide an assembled guardrail that can be removed and replaced with separate components. The cross bar is assembled and connected with the column through the U-shaped connecting member. The U-shaped connecting member is composed of a ring sleeve and a U-slot. The column is sleeved in the ring sleeve of the U-shaped connecting piece and fixed by screws, and the end of the cross bar is engaged with the U-shaped connecting piece. In the U slot, the inner wall of the slot of the U slot is provided with a sliding slot, and a sliding piece is provided to seal the slot, and the cross bar is fixed in the U slot and fixed by screws. It is easier to disassemble and replace, and improve work efficiency.