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Assembly Fence Features

Sep 06, 2018

Assembly fence features

    The crossbar and the column are all reinforced with steel. The load-bearing socket is adopted. The installation is very simple. The universal socket can be quickly installed on the slope and multi-directional column. The appearance is always new and not strong, and it is tougher than wood. But it is more flexible and anti-impact for human and animal safety insurance. It is suitable for schools and kindergartens. It does not need paint, does not fade, peels, cracks, bubbles, peels off. It has its own reinforcing columns, no need to build stone pillars and reduce the whole. Engineering costs. Moreover, the firmness is higher than the installation method of the stone pillar. No rust anywhere in the product, real environmentally friendly products, suitable for residential areas, factories, towns, villas, etc.

The characteristics of the electrostatic spray assembly fence of the balcony guardrail! Fences are widely used in our production and life, with garden fences, road fences, municipal fences and so on. At present, private villas and courtyard fences are popular in many cities, mostly based on wooden plates. It consists of three parts: a fence board, a cross-belt board and a fence post. The height is generally between 0.5 and 2 meters. Different shapes, generally with decoration and simple protection as the main installation purpose, very popular in Europe and America.

The fence is mainly used as a guardrail on the roads, highways, and roads on both sides of the bridge. It can also be used for security protection of airports, ports, and docks, parks, lawns, zoos, lakes, and roads in municipal construction. Isolation and protection of residential areas, protection and decoration products for hotels, hotels, supermarkets, entertainment venues, etc.

Features of electrostatic spray assembly fence: 1. The three parts of cross tube, vertical tube and column are all different specifications of steel tube, four layers of anti-corrosion treatment, good anti-corrosion performance, long service life, after electrostatic spraying, up to 15 years, and exempt The maintenance and renewal costs of the product. After the life span, it can be repainted and can be used again. 2. The assembly guardrail does not need to be welded. The surface of the steel pipe is clean and tidy. There is no solder joint. It can be assembled on site, or it can be transported before being assembled. 3, the design of anti-theft bolts, can better meet the customer's safety requirements. 4, the assembly fence is diverse in color, so it not only has beautiful characteristics, but also plays a very good protective role. 5, good weather resistance, salt spray resistance and damp heat resistance, suitable for use in different regions. 6, a variety of styles of decorative circles, also added a touch of new ideas for the fence.