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Australian Dog Fences Up To Miles

Aug 01, 2018


Ding Dog Fence Australia has a Ding Dog Fence across Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia. It has a total length of 5,309 kilometers and is the longest barbed wire in the world.

Ding dog is a wild dog that feeds on a variety of small and medium-sized animals. When hungry, it also eats larger herbivores such as kangaroos, cattle and sheep.

The Ding dog fence was set up in the 1880s. In order to prevent the northern Ding dog from going south, the farmers in the southern area have set up barbed wire to ensure the safety of cattle and sheep. However, after the Ding dog fence was erected, the area north of the fence, the Ding dog breeds excessively, and the number of kangaroos is significantly reduced. In the south of the fence, the kangaroo population has developed too fast, causing damage to large areas of grassland.

The ground part of the Ding dog fence is 180 cm high. In order to prevent the Ding dog from diving into the hole from below, the erecter is still buried 30 cm underground. The Ding Dog Fence is now managed by the Natural Resources and Mining Department. Managers patrol weekly along the fence and there are supply stations along the way.