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Discussion On The Basic Standard Of Stainless Steel Balcony Railing

Jun 23, 2017

With the continuous development of China's economy, people's living standards continue to improve, balcony fence in the industry's position more and more important. Next, we will discuss the details of the basic standards of stainless steel balustrades.

Home decoration in the new balcony fence is often overlooked, or in the order of decoration on the priority to consider the interior decoration, and stainless steel balcony railing on the last. In addition, the commercial housing buildings are already installed a unified barrier, such as stainless steel balcony railing, or other materials such as aluminum alloy, zinc steel, etc., but the owners have to carefully check the friends, excluding security and hidden dangers.

The good development of the economy makes people's living standards greatly improved, the following to tell you about the specifications of the balcony railing.

1, stainless steel balcony railing should be a solid, durable materials, and can withstand the load specifications of the horizontal load;

2, zinc steel louver height should not be less than 1.05m, high-rise building railings height should be properly improved, but not more than 1.20m;

3, balcony railing from the ground or roof 0.10m height should not be left blank;

4, there are children's activities, railings should be difficult to climb the structure. For example, should not use horizontal horizontal tubular railings handrails, so as to avoid accidents.

In short, we talk about the basic standards of stainless steel balcony railing have the above requirements and content, we have to analyze and summarize, continuous innovation and development.