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Elastic Non-metallic Snap Ring For Fence Assembly

Aug 03, 2018

The utility model discloses an elastic non-metal snap ring for assembling a fence, comprising a body, wherein the middle of the body is a vertical column insertion hole, the upper end of the outer ring has an outward flange, and the lower outer ring of the flange is provided with an inclined inner side. The inclined surface, the lower side of the inclined surface is a straight side, the outer diameter of the straight side is smaller than the outer diameter of the upper end flange, and the card groove is disposed between the upper end surface of the inclined surface and the lower end surface of the flange; the inner surface corresponding to the inclined surface on the outer ring The inner surface of the ring surface is provided with a convex protrusion which protrudes inwardly and has a convex arc shape extending from the top to the bottom. The utility model is used for assembling between the vertical column and the horizontal column of the assembled fence. During the transportation process, the clamping member is not damaged due to being installed in the vertical column, and the other vertical column and the like are not scratched. The problem is that there is no need to additionally insert a rubber ring on the vertical column of the horizontal bar to insert a waterproof seal and prevent the collision between the horizontal bar and the vertical column to damage the surface coating, and the cost of the non-metallic snap ring itself is low. .