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Electrostatic Spray Guardrail Features

Jun 28, 2019

Electrostatic spray guardrail features

Electrostatic spraying guardrail, the substrate is hot-dip galvanized steel pipe, which plays an electrochemical protection role. It prevents the rust of the steel substrate from the inside to the outside, and the surface is electrostatically sprayed, so that the fence product has good self-cleaning performance, stainless steel safety bolt Anti-theft design, eliminating your worries, protecting your property, assembly connection, no welding

Good decoration, rich colors, to meet your individual needs, one-time investment, no maintenance during use, and service life of more than 15 years

Electrostatic spray guardrail parameters

Economic type: vertical column 16*16*1.0mm crossbar 32*32*1.2mm column 50*50*1.5mm

Standard type: vertical column 19*19*1.0mm crosspiece: 40*40*1.2mm column 60*60*1.5mm

Reinforced type: vertical column 25*25*1.0mm crosspiece: 45*45*1.2mm column 75*75*1.8mm

╟ Scope of application ╣ Widely used in villas, communities, courtyards, schools, factories and other buildings walls, flower beds, lawns, gardens, roads, riversides, balconies, stairs and other fields.