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Fences, Yard Fences And Factory Safety Fences

Mar 05, 2019

XCEL Fence Factory specializes in the production of fences such as fences, yard fences and factory safety fences. The base materials are all made of high quality galvanized steel pipes.

XCEL guardrail features:

 1. It is 10-20 times stronger than ordinary spraying anti-corrosion ability. It can withstand 50 kg per square centimeter and has the characteristics of anti-UV, anti-oxidation, salt-resistant, weather-resistant and fog-resistant.

 2, the surface of the gloss, color and extreme self-cleaning performance and other indicators have exceeded the first level of the  fence, to ensure that the surface color changes not more than 3% in 15 years

 3, the color can be customized according to user preferences, can be used again and again after re-spraying.

 4, welding-free assembly design, installation is quick and easy.

5, four layers of anti-corrosion treatment, more than 20 years of service life, to solve the problems of traditional products in a short period of rust, chalk, cracks, etc., eliminating the cost of product maintenance and renewal.

 6, zinc-aluminum alloy fittings stainless steel safety bolts, anti-theft design, solve your worries.

7. The buried installation method and the floor plate installation save your building infrastructure costs and save land resources.

8, good weather resistance, salt spray resistance and damp heat resistance, suitable for use in different regions.