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FENCETECH Is Organized By The National Fence Guards Association

Jul 13, 2018

FENCETECH is organized by the National Fence Guards Association, the world's largest association of guardrail manufacturers, with 2,400 member units in North America and representing 24,000 practitioners in the US fence processing industry. Since 1962, the exhibition has been one of the few professional fence fence exhibitions in the world. It has been held in various cities in the United States. It has been successfully organized for more than 50 sessions so far. In recent years, it has been approved by relevant authorities to become the fastest growing exhibition in North America. one. The theme of the show is fencetech.

During the exhibition, in addition to the latest products and technologies displayed by top-level guardrail manufacturers, there is also a series of education and training, as well as related cutting-edge technologies and developments. In 2017, the exhibition attracted nearly 10,000 visitors. If you and your company are primarily concerned with the US market, then Fencetech is the right choice for you. There is no fence fence exhibition that attracts so many foreign viewers like Fencetech. Fencetech represents the latest industry trends. This showcases all relevant new products and concepts, and is a great opportunity to expand your trade.