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Galvanized Steel Pipe Fences, Factory Fences, Railings, Fences

Mar 05, 2019

Our factory specializes in producing galvanized steel pipe fences, factory fences, railings, fences, etc. Its products are made of high-quality galvanized steel pipes, which are cut and punched, welded without joints and horizontal and vertical steel pipes. Compared with traditional iron guardrails, the installation is faster and more affordable. It has high strength, high hardness, beautiful appearance and color. Bright and other advantages, become the mainstream products used by residential units, factory schools, public places and other units,


 1. Welding-free assembled design, quick and easy to install.

 2. Four-layer anti-corrosion treatment ensures that the traditional products will have problems such as rust, chalking, fading and cracking in a short time, greatly reducing the cost of product maintenance and renewal, and reducing economic losses.

 3. Environmental protection, no pollution to the environment,

 4. The surface of the electrostatic spraying makes the guardrail itself have a good self-cleaning performance, and the rainwater spray and the water spray can be as clean as new.

 5. Good decoration, rich colors, beautiful appearance, can meet the individual requirements of different customers for fence products.

 6. The product itself has good flexibility, and the steel pipe of the raw material used has good impact resistance.

 7. Anti-theft, using stainless steel safety bolts. 8. Because of its superior anti-corrosion performance, it is easy to install and suitable for use in various areas.