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[Garden] Still Worried About The Design Of The Guardrail? Here Tell You The Seventy-two Changes In The Railing!

Jun 25, 2019

The courtyard guardrail originated in Europe, so it is also called the European guardrail.

The guardrail serves as a separate and guiding function in the design of the villa courtyard, so that the layout boundary is clear and clear. The designed guardrail is very decorative.

The guardrail is not the main courtyard landscape, but it has a lot of influence on the courtyard scenery. It should be carefully considered.

The courtyard guardrails are mainly divided into four categories: stone, anti-corrosion wood, metal, special materials and so on.

Stone-type guardrails are one of the most common forms of courtyard design. There are many styles of various styles. Among them, the style of the bottle is the most common, and the bottle column means peace and safety.

The anti-corrosion wooden railings are natural, simple and inexpensive, but the period of use is not long. If there is a place that emphasizes this conception, the real materials should be treated with anti-corrosion treatment, or take the "imitation" method.

Cast iron, cast aluminum can make a variety of flower-shaped components; beautiful and transparent, the shortcoming is brittle; broken is not easy to repair, so often use steel as a frame, take advantage of both;

There is also a kind of wrought iron product; the shape and cross section of the rod can be varied, and the workmanship is also exquisite, elegant and beautiful, but it is expensive and can be used locally or indoors.

A wide variety of other types of materials also add more selectivity to the yard railing.

The application of the combined guardrail can display the viewing point of the courtyard well, cover up the shortcomings, create a beautiful surrounding shape, enhance the artistic appreciation and enhance the appreciation value.

Handrail guardrails are also commonly used in various landscape designs.

Most of the things we see everyday are more routine,

But there are also some interesting railings,

All kinds of styles, not limited to one.

They not only satisfy basic protection functions,

Also for our city life,

Added more fun.