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Municipal Guardrails Improve The Safety Of Road Traffic

Jul 11, 2019

Municipal guardrails improve the safety of road traffic

The effect of the roadside guardrails is that the road fences separate the motor vehicles, non-motor vehicles and pedestrian traffic, and the roads are longitudinally separated on the section to enable motor vehicles, non-motor vehicles and pedestrians to travel in different directions, improving the safety of road traffic. , improved traffic order. Separation function: Separating motor vehicles from non-motor vehicles and pedestrians.

Improve the safety of road traffic and improve traffic order. Obstruction: Effectively block pedestrians or vehicles that attempt to cross the road. Warning function: alert the driver to pay attention to the presence of the guardrail and pedestrians, and reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents. Beautiful function: different raw materials, different shapes, multiple colors, and harmony with the road environment.

The roadside municipal guardrail is now developing rapidly, and a row of beautiful road guardrails makes people shine brightly. The clean and wide roads create a beautiful wind--the road fence, which adds color to the city. The roadside municipal guardrail is not only a simple barrier to the road, but more importantly, it is to build a traffic rule and maintain traffic.

Make urban traffic more secure, fast, orderly, unblocked, and effective. The road guardrail is divided into which types of road guardrails are mainly used for the protection and protection of personal safety and equipment in residential, highway, commercial areas, public places, new rural construction, etc. The guardrails are everywhere in our lives.