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How The Balcony Railing Is Produced

Jun 01, 2017

Balcony railing zinc and zinc alloy smelting, foam, to the steel plate processing into the process of flat roll. Of the melting point of low (about 420 ℃) of zinc, deformation resistance is small, good deformation performance. The effect of micro-alloying elements on zinc is quite large, and the treatment with zinc alloy alloy is not high, see Table 1. The production of zinc and zinc alloy plates has a long history, before 1940, with low creep resistance, limited drying and printing with pure zinc plates and zinc-copper alloys with hardware production. 40 seconds New Jersey Zinc has developed a high creep resistance of titanium alloy, copper, zinc, and panels in the construction industry as roof corrugated tile, drains, discussion and block rainwater plate, etc. 50 seconds, the United States began to use, the country Prepared by the main zinc, aluminum-magnesium alloy plate of high purity zinc, because of its fine particle group, known as the microcrystalline zinc plate, the use of powder-free corrosion plate making, printing industry, it has high strength, performance can partially replace the coated paper Photo. The use of 1920 zinc found that aluminum superplasticity will be made of zinc alloy products, zinc, 22 aluminum 250 alloy plate? 270 ℃ expansion rate can reach 2900%, deformation can be more than 500%, can blow or pressure into Various complex shapes of balcony railing shells, handicrafts, toys, tools, and freezing points will get medium carbon steel cooling strength.

Zinc and zinc alloy plate production process is simple, short production cycle. Battery zinc plate production process is as follows:

If the production of microcrystalline zinc plate, the final product, adhesive and annealing drying process. Production of battery zinc cake, rough rolling blunt bread material, and then to the grinding machine, the ground burr.

The composition of lead, zinc, and graphite electrodes is a larger, mutually unstable solution, but does not affect the machinability, which can lead to the addition of sufficient zinc plate to uniform corrosion. Cadmium can prevent casting of bulky columnar crystals when produced, but more content will lead to hot brittleness of zinc. Iron can significantly improve the recrystallization temperature of zinc to prevent the storage and use of softened zinc plates, but TieZe too much seriously reduces the corrosion of zinc, corrosion resistance, the occurrence of points. When the battery zinc plate and the printed zinc plate composition should meet the trace amount of lead and cadmium and iron.

Induction furnace smelting furnace. Melting temperature 460 ~ 510 ℃ constant range. Melt, never use the cover agent, but need ammonium chloride slag, melt 1%? 0.1% addition. The middle alloy is added in the form of iron best. Outlet temperature of 460? 480 zinc steel balcony fence ℃; zinc alloy for the 475? 525 ℃. In order to prevent the proportion of lead separation, should often stir.

Bubble Water Cooled or Not Available Foam Water Cooled Pig Iron Mode, Vertical or Horizontal Caster, or with LunDai Type Continuous Casting Machine (see page) In this continuous casting method or double steel belt caster (see this kind of ray Casting method). Mold temperature is 120 ~ 180 ℃, according to local temperature and water temperature and different. In the foam is not more than 30 mm thickness, pay attention to the speed of 1.5 m / min or so is appropriate. Use a ray casting method, black foam, floor thickness of 12 to 25 mm, pay attention to the speed of 2? 10 m / min, this method is suitable for mass production.

The balcony railing is often used to roll the casting waste. Zinc deformation resistance is not high, commonly used two rollers; fine rolling also used a four-roll mill. The deformation of the zinc-zinc steel balcony guardrail hot effect, can make the rolling of the high temperature, the reason often used part of the rolling cycle. Table 2 controls the temperature, the rolling temperature and the roll are often listed in the range. Rolling at right angles can reduce the anisotropy of finished products. In the fine zinc steel balcony fence rolling manual operation, often use the type of rolling technology, the use of rosin and paraffin lubrication. Rolling is also used when the high-speed dry emulsion lubrication and cooling. In the absence of annealing process, but also need not pickling.