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How To Choose A Good Balcony Railing

Jun 01, 2017

Now, in people's lives are everywhere you can see a variety of Guangdong fence, fence and so on the existence of these advanced security equipment.

So, the existence of these advanced security equipment, in fact, are for people's lives to bring a peace of mind, then, now many families which already have a variety of balcony railing, then these balconies What is the advantage of the railing that can bring the benefits to the people?

In fact, when we choose a good balcony railing, because I have been very professional to create the best balcony railings.

Balcony railing, in fact, its quality is very good, so now many people are willing to choose our company's balcony railing, because only such a balcony railing is the best choice for their family inside.

In fact, the choice of a good balcony railing, for the family which is very important, because only a good balcony railing in order to allow our family members inside the security issues can be more protection.

The new type of balcony rails using hot dip zinc is the rust of the steel components immersed in about 600 ℃ high temperature melting zinc solution, so that the steel surface attached to the zinc layer, zinc layer thickness of 5mm below the sheet shall not be less than 65μm, 86 μm. Which play the purpose of anti-corrosion, so the main material of the new balcony fence is zinc steel fence.

New balcony fence with zinc steel fence material is hard, there is a certain thickness and toughness, the use of electric gear is difficult to cut directly, the incision will leave the cut, you can withstand hammer ramming, and strong can not afford to paint, with a strong anti- Performance; and 15 years without legs color, 20 years without rust, other products on the market is easy to rust. The new balcony fence for the old alternative products, not only high quality, and inexpensive, than the market's products have the same price advantage, is your decoration without regret choice.

New balcony fence on the surface of the zinc layer on the growth of white rust, also known as storage of rust. Stacked plating on the surface of the white traces of the wet weather or rain is not ventilated, can not dry up.

To prevent the new balcony fence surface zinc layer on the way to grow white rust:

(1) to change the storage conditions, to strengthen ventilation;

(2) to strengthen the passivation after galvanization to form a protective film. Once the white rust, you can rinse with dilute acetic acid solution.