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How To Choose The Guardrail Correctly!

Aug 14, 2019

In modern cities, guardrails are also becoming more and more diverse with the development of technology. For example, zinc steel guardrails, aluminum alloy guardrails, wrought iron guardrails, wooden guardrails, etc. Each type of guardrail is different. How to choose the right one is the most important. When choosing a railing, keep the following in mind:

1. Zinc steel guardrail is made of galvanized steel as the product substrate. It has high hardness, anti-corrosion and anti-rust, quick and easy assembly, beautiful appearance, excellent outdoor performance, sufficient strength and impact resistance, and can be used for fence fence. Balcony railings, stair railings, garden fences, forestry railings, courtyard gates, high-rise buildings... Has a very high safety performance and weather resistance.

2. The aluminum alloy guardrail is also the first choice for many high-end villas and clubs. It also adopts the casting process, which does not require maintenance, is old and new, and never rusts. The safety and environmental protection law is harmless to people (animals). Its hardness is relatively poor compared to zinc steel and iron, but it also has high safety performance. Therefore, it is suitable for fence guardrails, stair railings, balcony railings, garden fences, and ground floor buildings.

3. Iron fence has a long history, high hardness, good safety, simple structure, beautiful shape, good visual effect and artistic. The wrought iron guardrail has a heavy texture, high cost performance, poor anti-corrosion and anti-rust performance, easy color falling off, and pollution of buildings. Therefore, you should be cautious when choosing a wrought iron fence. Generally applicable to fence railings, stair railings, balcony railings, wrought iron doors...

4. Since the ancient wooden fences have been widely used, they have been extended to the present. It has the characteristics of natural, atmospheric, retro and beautiful. But as forests degenerate, quality wood becomes less and less. Ordinary wood is prone to insects and rot, which also makes wooden fences impossible to enter thousands of households. In some parks and scenic spots, wooden guardrails are still used as the mainstay because it is closer to nature and cannot be replaced by metal. Therefore, when using wooden guardrails, please carefully select high-quality wood to avoid the phenomenon of decay and insects in a short time.

5. The guardrail should be integrated with other facilities. So when choosing the appearance, the style of the guardrail should match the style of your house decoration.

The choice of the color of the guardrail is the same as the appearance, but also the style is the same, corresponding to the color of other decoration. If you choose a zinc steel guardrail, in order to enhance the feel, you can choose a spray color with a bumpy three-dimensional effect. Balcony, Staircase The custom height of the guardrail conforms to the national standard of 1050mm, and the height of the guardrail should not be below 1100mm.