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I Saw The Flower Wall On The Fence Of Someone Else’s Yard. I Have Watched It For A Thousand Times.

Sep 21, 2018

Is it always good to envy other people's yards or balconies? In fact, if you see the flowers on their fences, you will be more envious. Believe it or not, let's take a look at the fences on the side of others' yards.


The beautiful pink rose (Rose) sticks out of the yard, with blue-violet lavender outside the fence, and some golden scorpions, which are particularly appealing. How do I feel that the pink rose with a white fence is a perfect match.


The bright red moon is fascinating. The white fence is old, but it does not affect the look and feel. The inside and outside of the fence are the best scenery.


The beautiful, elegant white fence, and the pink rose that climbs the fence, is amazed.


The blue-violet emerald with the yellow fence, this feeling is different, not elegant, but a feeling of vitality.