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Identification Of Non - High Quality Grade Zinc Steel Fence

Nov 01, 2017

Non-quality grade zinc steel fence identification based on the quality requirements from the zinc steel rails, the inspection includes two aspects, one is the appearance of quality, and second, quality inspection. Appearance quality, including packaging, size specifications, weight, surface appearance, etc .; quality inspection, including galvanized, mechanical properties, chemical composition. Therefore, the non-quality products of the inspection and identification is based on these aspects to consider.

(A) packaging: observe the export of goods for the standard packaging, or simple packaging or bare; packaging integrity, or damage. In general, the quality of packaging is relatively complete; but can not be one-sided that the packaging is not complete non-quality products.

(B) size specifications: the size of the bulk of the goods are consistent, the nominal size of the goods and the actual size of the goods are consistent. For quality products, the size of the specification is mostly consistent.

(C) Weight: including tare and net weight. Check whether the weight of the lot is consistent with the contract requirements.

(D) Appearance: observe the existence of the surface of the goods have an impact on the use of defects.

What kind of material is made of zinc steel Fence?

1, the substrate is made of hot-dip zinc strip made of a variety of galvanized steel, the use of high-end high-frequency welding technology, welding formation, strong.

2, galvanized pipe surface zinc content of 60-80mm / ㎡, at room temperature can be 3-5 years without rust.

3, zinc steel products are galvanized pipe again deep processing.

Process: mechanical processing → chemical treatment (to the oil → ash → phosphating → passivation) → electrostatic spraying (Akzo Nobel powder coating) → curing (220 ° high temperature imitation enamel curing)