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Installation Of Columns And Vertical Bars

Jan 28, 2019

xcel fence 01

Need to be buried when installing? If you want to be buried, how many centimeters are you buried?

Installation of columns and vertical bars

        Generally speaking, since the fence guardrail is protected from outdoor facilities, it is recommended that the pillars be embedded in a size of 10-15 cm; and a spanning fence (3 meters) should be added with a 5-10 cm extension rod. In this case, the fence will be firmer and will not be deflected due to the collision.

Fence rails installed on both sides

        Installation of zinc steel guardrail fence. Some customers have a wall project, there are two installation methods, one is U-type snap-on installation, the other is to be embedded in the wall 3-5 or so; no wall installation If you do, of course, you can use the U-shaped snap-on type with a tamper-proof screw to install the lock.

About the fence fence

Our company's own wrought iron fence guardrails are mostly applicable to residential residential fences, industrial park perimeter fences, factory peripheral walls, warehouse fences, bus station protection, villa perimeter fences, real estate high-rise residential perimeter walls, park gardens, etc. Can be applied. The material is zinc steel profile. The color is gray sand.