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Iron Fence Can Reflect The Perfect Level

Jul 17, 2017

Iron fence features: fence products to the level of the United States can be reflected, the distance to bring people to appreciate the angle and level is different, but no matter what the angle, can give a pleasant feeling.

1, where the fence can be very close to the things around the friendly, very calm, not publicity, gives the feeling is very comfortable;

2, iron fence with a variety of colors, because each color to bring people the feeling is different;

3, fence products give a strong sense of rhythm, emitting a unique beauty;

4, iron fence design follows the European style, so have the traditional art of the United States, can play a very good ability to modify;

Do not think that iron railings will not rust, we commonly used iron railings - stainless steel column is also rusty, so the maintenance should pay attention to: stainless steel building materials pollution, rust causes and circumstances, each situation is completely different, It should be used in a variety of conditions, the most suitable maintenance methods. Use cloth, loofah, nylon sponge, brush hook, brush cleaning tools, must be along the stainless steel grinding from the parallel cleaning. If you do circular cleaning, the pollution is not easy to remove, and will damage the surface gloss lines, and become very ugly. The use of steel cleaning tools, such as rough grinders, or sandpaper, can eliminate serious contamination, but it is absolutely forbidden to use, because it can damage the surface of stainless steel and attach iron powder to rust. After using the cleaning solution, must be completely cleaned with water, pay attention to iron fence = can not let the liquid residue of stainless steel surface, otherwise it will cause rust. And cleaning the liquid will cause the hands of rough or rash. So please wear rubber gloves and then use. In order to remove the pollution, iron fence - rust and the use of cleaning liquid, please do pre-local "test rub" to confirm the cleaning effect. If the test results are satisfied, then follow this method to do a comprehensive cleaning. And do not clean only part of the rust, as far as possible even around the part of the cleaning. If not so, stainless steel surface gloss will be uneven, the appearance is very ugly.