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Iron Fences With A Long History

Jan 28, 2019

Iron fences with a long history

    The application of iron fences has a long history. Europeans who were romantic as early as the Middle Ages created beautiful ironwork.

    During the Renaissance in the 16th century, wrought iron blended into a simple, elegant, and bright style, reaching its heyday. At the beginning of the last century, wrought iron guardrails began to be widely used as architectural decorative components. Entering China a century ago, it is increasingly accepted and loved by people with its unique artistic charm, environmental protection and safety.

Iron fences with a long history

    In cities and villages, in the public buildings and private houses, especially in residential houses and public facilities, you can see a variety of beautiful iron fences.

    In recent years, under the strong emphasis on environmental protection and permeability, in the decoration and decoration industry and urban environmental remediation work in our country, the wrought iron guardrail is a favorite art form in the home decoration balcony. Because of its distinctive features, simple style, economical and practical process, it has a place in modern decoration.

    The iron fence has a natural beauty, and the texture is heavy and atmospheric. Robust, durable, securely connected and structurally sound.