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Main Features Of Zinc Steel Guardrail

Aug 14, 2019

Main features of zinc steel guardrail:

1. It is made of zinc alloy and is not easy to rust. It replaces the anti-rust treatment measures that the cast iron guardrail on the market is rusting every year.

2. High-temperature baking varnish with advanced technology, the lacquer surface is resistant to high temperature, sun, rain, corrosion and flaking, and will not cause wall contamination.

3. The assembly is simple. Through years of market exploration, innovation, and reform, its products have matured to a certain extent.

4. The combination of zinc alloy material and high-tech baking paint confirms the new concept of green environmental protection. Advantages of zinc steel guardrail: beautiful, durable, non-deformable, quick to install, wide field of view, good protection performance. It is an ideal metal fence.

Zinc steel guardrail products are widely used in municipal engineering, roads, factories, development zones, schools, garden squares and other places for security protection and decorative beautification. The zinc steel guardrail is beautiful in appearance, firm and has good corrosion resistance, and is a product that beautifies urban environmental engineering. It is suitable for large-scale standard production, with quick installation and labor, beautiful structure and good coordination with the environment.