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Malaysia Considers Border Fencing To Deter Human Trafficking

Sep 27, 2017

Erecting secu­rity fences totalling 2,666km along the nation'€™s borders is being considered as a measure to stop smuggling and people trafficking.

The home ministry is conducting a feasibility study on the fencing which will also serve as a replacement for existing border fences that are in deplo­rable condition.

But stopping the trafficking of people is also a major reason for putting up the fences.

The fencing is for our borders with Thailand, Indonesia and Brunei, and what'€™s being studied is the type of fence, its height, total cost, how it will be guarded and if it needs to be electrified.

A special committee, known as the Security Fence Technical Team, is conducting the study that is expected to be completed by early October.

The borders at the north of the peninsula need about 650km of fencing while those in Sabah and Sarawak require about 2,000km, said Badrul, who is also Smuggling Prevention Unit (UPP) director-general.

'€œInitially we were asked to carry out a study on security fencing at the Malaysia-Thailand border.

He explained that security fencing was different from border fencing which needs the approval of the neighbouring nation.

'€œSecurity fencing can be set up anywhere by the government and needs no foreign appro­val. This will save us time,'€ said Badrul.

Badrul said 12 companies had approached the home ministry, showing interest in building the security fencing.