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Manufacturer Of Assembled Hot-dip Galvanized Fences

Sep 17, 2018

As a first-line manufacturer specializing in the production of assembled hot-dip galvanized fences, XCEL FENCE  has a full set of mechanical processing equipment such as steel pipe production lines, machining lines and automatic spraying lines, and is in a leading position in the fence, guardrail and protection net industry.

      The company's fence products adopt many advanced fence technologies in the United States, featuring simple installation, high strength, no pollution, corrosion resistance, maintenance-free, and self-cleaning. The company's fence products are suitable for industrial and mining enterprises, institutions, municipalities, roads, schools and other enclosures. After continuous improvement and optimization, the company's fence products have obtained a number of production patents and passed the inspections at the national, provincial and municipal levels. The company's advanced fence surface treatment technology, perfect fence production equipment, and personalized service solutions will bring you a new experience of transportation equipment! We are willing to create a future with you with your sincerity and hard work!