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Mobile Fence

Jun 27, 2019

Mobile fence


The  mobile guardrail, also known as the iron horse isolation net, the iron horse fence net, the iron horse fence net, is welded by pre-bending of galvanized pipe, and the surface is treated with electrostatic powder coating, which greatly enhances the anti-corrosion ability of the product. It is mainly used for temporary isolation of roads, road separation, construction isolation, performance activities, exhibitions, and crowd isolation in large public places.

Product specifications:

Size: 1.1m*2m

Outer tube: 32mm*1.5mm

Standpipe: 16mm*1.0mm

Surface treatment: spraying, painting


1, strong corrosion resistance, durable;

2, flexible assembly, can play a good role in isolation and separation;

3, beautiful, the middle of the board can add text to play the effect of advertising;