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Modern Fence Function

Aug 03, 2018

Modern fence function

With the development of science and technology and the objective requirements of modern civilization, the function of the fence is continuously expanded and strengthened. In addition to isolation and protection, it emphasizes safety, reliability, durability and strong decorative and beautifying functions. It must be in structural design, manufacturing and surface. Work, coating performance, style, color design and other key links work hard to provide a complete and mature solution, fundamentally solve the single color of the fence, low anti-corrosion ability, cumbersome maintenance, high cost, environmental pollution, simple structure, Insufficient function, rough production, low quality, poor safety, overall dull, no decorative effect, poor image, low taste, and completely eliminate the problems that have long plagued the city image, human environment and modern human habitat. The modern assembled fence technology provides the technical basis and realistic possibilities for realizing the above modern fence function.