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Necessity Of Using Zinc Steel Guardrails In Different Locations

Aug 01, 2019

Necessity of using zinc steel guardrails in different locations

Depending on the terrain, the installation will also change. The current regulations for the installation of urban zinc steel guardrails are as follows: In the section where pedestrians, bicycles or other vehicles cross the expressway and the primary road.

In the current situation, we can't effectively think of monitoring, so we can use zinc steel guardrail instead, in some places where it is easier to accident, especially at the station or intersection, should be set across Line bridge or underground passage.

On the street side, for people and bicycle overpasses or underground passages, safety management signs such as pedestrians should be set up. On other grades of roads, necessary overpasses or underground passages can be set according to actual conditions.

On highways and first-class highways, in order to avoid vehicle collisions and injuries to pedestrians, the municipal road guardrails that prevent vehicles from entering the opposite lanes and the protective nets that prevent pedestrians from crossing the lanes should be provided as required. Municipal road guardrails or warning piles shall be provided for embankments, bridge head approach roads, minimum radius, steep slopes and other sections.

This can effectively provide guidelines for pedestrians and drivers, allowing them to operate according to the route we set, reducing travel costs, improving life safety and increasing life.