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Ornamental Decorative Iron Fence

Sep 12, 2017

Ornamental Decorative Iron Fence

Fence types built to resemble traditional black smith forged wrought iron fencing. This category includes fences made from aluminum, iron and steel. The type and style of fence is determined by the scope of project. Each type of fence is adaptable to a broad range of applications.

How Do I Choose?

*Prospective fence buyers should start by asking themselves these questions:

  1. The fence purpose (security, safety, privacy, design, etc.)

  2. The location of the fence (desert, Midwest, ocean, pool, etc.)

  3. The timeline of the project (same day, 1-2 week, 3-4 week, 4-6 week)

What Types Are There?

Wrought Iron

A type of fencing that originated from blacksmiths, some thousands of years ago. This type of fencing requires forging, shaping, and joining solid iron pieces into ornate designs and complex systems. Modern wrought iron fences, gates, and railings continue to undergo laborious and time consuming manufacturing processes. Wrought iron fencing is considered a premium fence type, due to its custom nature and time consuming fabrication.

Ornamental Aluminum

The only ornamental style of fencing that 100% guarantees zero rusting and an extensive warranty. Aluminum fence panels thrive in marine environments and withstand the elements. These fences became popular on the East Coast of the United States during the last decade because of their rust resistance and ease of installation. Standard aluminum fence systems include routed posts that each panel slides into. A routed post system requires no additional purchasing of mounting brackets and increases the speed of installation. In addition, aluminum is available in multiple colors, shapes, sizes, and styles. 

Ornamental Plain Steel (Hot Rolled)

This type of fence is the most cost effective in decorative fence. Each panel of fencing consists of plain steel and painted in black. The limited paint coating on the steel makes these panels lighter weight and easy to maneuver. Ornamental steel fence panels are available in various styles, thicknesses, and sizes, satisfying a wide range of applications.

 Ornamental Pre-Galvanized (Pre-Galv.)

The industry standard in ornamental fences is pre-galvanized ornamental (pre-galv. iron). Each panel is steel treated in a rust resistant zinc galvanized coating before being painted. The added galvanization on the steel protects from rust and deterioration. All pre-galvanized panels mount between to posts with brackets and screws. Each panel is available in multiple styles and able to satisfy any application.