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Plastic Steel Guardrail When Buying Precautions

Jan 18, 2017

The production of steel fence and ordinary plastic profile production is very close, but in the selection of raw materials, formulations, production technology and other areas have higher requirements. Because of its unique formula, its formula is composed of the main raw materials pvc, thermal chaos agent, impact modifier, processing aids, lubricants, fillers, light untangle agents, pigments, ultraviolet Absorbent and the like. Formulation design and general profile is different to ensure that the impact resistance of steel fence profiles and high weather resistance, the highest heat-resistant pigment and add funny UV absorbers, the other pvc steel fence profiles because of the aesthetic needs of more High gloss to be required. Plastic steel fence can be divided into three categories: screw-type, tenon, adhesive.

  PVC plastic steel fence with special formula and special UV absorbers, do not fade, not yellow, not peeling, no cracking, no moth-eaten, fence cavity with steel pipe to strengthen, with sufficient strength and impact resistance, PVC steel Fence both the strength of steel and PVC aesthetic. PVC steel fence without paint and maintenance, product new is not old, from your maintenance and labor costs, low cost, the service life of more than 25 years.